created to create – and worship, and pray, and sing, and dance, and love, and color outside the lines

So, I started a business…


Yes, I did!  “Oh no, you di’int.”

Yep.  Sure didAnd I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. 

Ladies – all ma’ girls – listen up!  I don’t care if you’re 17 or 77, you can do this.  Do you have a dream that always sits there in the corner of the least used room in your brain?  I sure did.  Every once in a while that sad wallflower called out to me in a whispered voice, “Hey, you!”

At 49, and after a few sucky, emotionally over-baggaged years, I finally listened, and I just DID it.  Jumped right on off that pier, into the glorious blue, cool of the ocean of entrepreneurship.

Holy cow.  I’m treading water some days, and others I’m ‘butterflyin’ it’ into the deep waters.  It’s scary, and fun, and consuming, and it is creating wild-eyed havoc with my “perfectionism.”  I’m not the best artist, or writer, or web designer, or organizer and administrator, but dammit, I give a damn.  I want to make my clients happy.  I will always work as if I’m working for the LORD.  And that is all it takes. 

He creates the moments that work “just right,” and the perfect ideas, and the great graphics I thought would never work through in my  head.  He certainly is the author of all I create,  because He is the ultimate creator.  He provides the clients, the friends, the opportunities that bless me.  I’m thankful.

A few months ago I sat at a huge crossroad in my life – apply for social security disability, or figure out a way to work from home and manage my spine and related issues while STILL  contributing to the world.  I knew I still had a good brain and a creative soul.  I knew God would be beside me, but I was still terrified.

Gentle nudges from Him, and all of a sudden in spite of my fear and my “I can’t possibly do this,” minutes, okay – really hours, I just stinking did it.

He has restored so much value and worthiness to my soul in the past few months through this journey that I can’t even paint you a word picture of how amazing and beautiful it is.

I have the BEST clients – not just clients, but friends.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your dreams!  That was always my dream; help others find creative ways to communicate their hearts.  Let’s do this!

And y’all!  Keep listening to that lonely dream in that dusty corner somewhere.  I’m going to promise to keep ya’ up to date with my journey.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!  I’m waiting with expectant hope and joy!  I had no idea what my broad-minded business was going to look like – it’s taken on the form of lots of graphic and web design, some legal assisting, some encouraging, some learning, and a bunch of fun people!





4 Responses to “So, I started a business…”

  1. Jana W.

    “But damnit, I give a damn!” Speaks volumes! I love it. Happy to see you happy my friend! 😃

  2. Allison McNeil

    I love that you’re letting your dreams out to play! You’re so inspiring. ❤️


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