Emily, I loved this piece about misfits. You are so right– we are all misfits in need of God’s grace daily, if not hourly. He has called us friends and longs for us to stop comparing ourselves to one another, and instead to love as He loves us. We just finished a Bill and Gloria Gaither Cruise to Canada with Christians from all over the world. No one discussed what denomination we were or what differences we hold although there were Christians there from many different types of churches. All that mattered is that we all knew our Savior Jesus Christ; we celebrated Him together in our gatherings–the concerts, the singalongs, the hallways, restaurants and even in the airport on our way home. The outpouring of God’s spirit among us was mesmerizing. We left loving God and loving each other. Before we left, Gloria challenged us to carry that same spirit with us back to our everyday places. When we do, that’s when we can make a real difference in our world. We closed our week singing our hearts out with: “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone,” (lyrics of that song the Gaithers wrote 40 years ago, but still uniting hearts of various languages across our globe. Yes, God loves a multitude of us misfits and rejoices when we finally get it. There really is something about that name–JESUS! No one loves like Him!